This was the nine day struggle that shook British Society. One million miners were locked out by the mine employers because they would not accept wage cuts and working long hours. The slogan of the miners was :

" Not a penny off the pay; not a second on the day"

The miners were supported by the British trade union movement and for nine days three million workers struck work.

This was the first page of a broadsheet published by the National Union of Mineworkers to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Strike.



In 2001 Edinburgh TUC obtained funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to publish a multimedia CD on the 1926 General Strike. The research for this CD has now been competed and we are in the middle of the design work.
The CD is due to be finished by the end of this year (2003).

Edinburgh TUC is committed, by the terms of the grant, to distribute one free CD to every school and college in Scotland. Thereafter copies will made available to the public and the labour movement at cost price.

* More will be added to this site about the CD and the resources collected.

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